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Rubble Removal Services Cape Town

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Rubble Removal Pro in Cape Town are knowledgeable about the expulsion of a wide range of block rubble from all your development projects or fell structures. We have simply the best hardware to deal with any size workload. We will clear everything in no time while you relax. By clearing the site we make it more secure for other people and ourselves and furthermore diminish dust which is a significant issue while doing a destruction or separate task. Our group is comprised of an arrangement of proficient individuals that plan to leave the site clean without fail.

rubble removal cape town
rubble removal cape town

We offer the Most competitive pricing in Cape Town.

We have the most competitive prices in Cape Town for rubble removal and structural debris such as bricks and steel beams.

Rubble Removal Pro is the most efficient service in Cape Town that takes care of all your waste and removal problems. Contact us for a free quote from our experienced staff.

Fastest Rubble Removal in the Industry

We can provide you with up to 3 competitive quotes within and hour from the comfort of you home . All you have to do is set up a convenient time and we’ll take care of the rest.

Our rubble removal services include recycling services in Cape Town as well as garden and household clearances

Our Services that we offer at RubbleRemovalPro.co.za

We provide a wide variety of Rubble Removal Services and Disposal Services in Cape Town

  • Garden and Refuse Removal
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Junk Removal
  • Demolition
  • Site Clearance
  • Waste management
rubble removal pro

Garden And Refuse Removal Services In Cape Town

Do you have a garden that is in a complete mess and full of rubbish? Do you want a permanent solution to your problems? If so, then look no further than the professionals at Rubble Removal Pro in Cape Town for a complete garden rehab. We offer affordable gardening services in Cape Town from the smallest areas to the largest.You can relax knowing that we will be doing all of the hard work when it comes to tending to your garden properly. 

The unique blend of our gardening services include:

•Topsoil Removal

•Residential Garden Cleansing

•Vegetation Removal Applications

•Hedge Trimming and Pruning

•Paving Cleaning and Maintenance

•Lawn Care 

Contact us today for a free quotation.

Rubbish Removal Services In Cape Town

Rubbish removal is a job that requires great attention to detail as the way trash is disposed from a household or from an office can bring forth dangers of environmental impact. When doing garbage collection, people need to be sure that the garbage will reach a disposal location devoid of any danger for human beings and also for the environment. Rubble Removal Pro in Cape Town is a company that offers rubbish removal services dealing with protecting the surroundings through careful removal and disposal of all types of rubbish from planned construction sites, noisy construction sites and commercial buildings. This ensures that your living space is not compromised by unwanted pests, insects, rodents and the like.


Rubbish removal services offered can include scrap metal recycling, waste disposal from bulky items from areas such as garages, kitchens and bathrooms, removing retired vehicles from homes or garages to lumber yards or automobile salvage facilities, bulk hauling services of personal possessions old home equipment sofas, recliners, mattresses and stoves to charity collection points or donation centers for fundraising purposes..

Junk Removal Services In Cape Town

Junk removal is the process of getting rid of useless or unwanted material. Junk can include broken furniture, discarded equipments, old computers, boats, cars, construction debris, parts from machinery, trash, scrap metal and large amounts of household rubbish. If you are looking for a professional junk removal service in the Gauteng area, make Rubble Removal Pro your first call. Junk removal can be done on all types of property including houses, apartments, businesses and factories.We help with unwanted junk in Cape Town and neighbouring areas.

What is the cost of junk removal?

The price depends upon the amount of junk you have to be removed. Call us today for your free quote. 

Why choose us?

We are ready to assist you in any junk removal project no matter how big it is! We provide low prices on any type of junk removal in Cape Town, due to our large network across all areas of Gauteng. Our friendly staff will arrange your rubbish collection in Cape Town, so you won’t have to worry about a thing – we’ll take care of everything.”

rubble removal cape town
rubble removal cape town

Site Clearance Services In Cape Town

Site clearance is the process of removing all evidence of a project. This includes debris, rubbish, concrete etc. Site clearance is necessary to prevent environmental damage and to ensure that another project can begin on the plot.

Rubble Removal Pro site clearance services in Cape Town are extremely reliable. We can clear any site with ease in no time at all.

Clean up that space or office that you have been trying to get rid of. At Rubble Removal Pro we will clear your site in Cape Town in a professional manner at a competitive price. We specialize in office and industrial site clearance from small works to big industrial complexes. Let us help you get started with the planning of new projects you have been planning for a while, by giving you a clean and clear working area.

Site Clearance 

At Site Clearance we pride our company with a team of professionals whose skills and knowledge ensures your following rules are met:

•All furniture recycled

•Completion within the time frame

•No hidden costs.Professional Service

• Help the environment by recycling

• Destruction of unwanted furniture

• Nothing too small or too big!

Demolition Services In Cape Town

Demolition Services in Cape Town

In today’s’ world, many people are looking to do renovation instead of demolition works. In the construction sector, demolition services hold a major place as an opposite of renovation work. Demolition work involves demolishing existing things and stone walls which range from trees to line boxes and columns. These dangerous tasks are to be carried out by a professional who will make sure the job is done correctly and safely.

Rubble Removal Pro in Cape Town offers such services that include Rubble removal and Demolition work. After doing proper planning, a required part is to be demolished first by a bricklayer or a carpenter. Demolition work is done for different reasons such as building a new house or a hotel or a shopping centre or a gallery being transferred from one place to another. This can be done by demolishing the old one and then renovating the new one at the same place.

The powerful punching power machine can help humans remove big rocks from hills, mountains or any place where human beings cannot go. If you have any query related to demolition work,Get a free quote from Rubble Removal Pro in Cape Town and hire a team of professionals, so that you can have a positive response from any status quo work within a day or two without any difficulties.

Businesses hiring for Construction/ Renovation projects : no Project is too big or too small for Rubble Removal Pro in Cape Town.

Waste Management Services In Cape Town

Rubble Removal Pro offers affordable services in Cape Town, when it comes to waste removal. We understand that waste can be a major cause of concern for everyone, especially when it has to do with hygiene and cleanliness of your surroundings. This is probably one of the reasons why you may need our services in the first place. Junk in your yard, in your hallway and in your driveway can be a source of embarrassment and nuisance for you and your family and friends. Don’t be ashamed about it; we know how much you need professional junk-removal assistance in Cape Town or in any other parts of Gauteng. You will love our services as they are fast and reliable! Contact us if you need more details about our services.

Treating waste materials in a proper way in Cape Town is important to protect the environment, but there are numerous issues to solve when dealing with waste management. And waste management is a very difficult and complex technology, since it always faces a lot of problems in no matter which field to be applied, such as Medical waste management,Industrial waste management or Municipal solid waste management. There are both national and international guidelines require to be met.

Waste Management Service Provider 

We at Rubble Removal Pro in Cape Town work hard to provide our clients with high quality waste management services. We take each project seriously and strive to complete the projects with excellent timing and speed so all your waste can be carefully handled, sorted and removed with ease.With years of experience in the industry we know how to provide our clients with reliable advice that helps them with their decision making process when it comes to any type of waste disposal service In Cape Town.

Our Services Include: 

•General Waste Disposal 

•Industrial Waste Disposal 

•Corporate Waste Management 

•Sharps/Syringes Management 

•Asbestos Removal 

•Material Recycling Service 

•Rubber Tyre Recycling Service 


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